Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The New Year

The christmas things are packed away, and the new year rhythm has begun at our house. We had a beautiful quite week between Christmas and New Years. The only little glitch is that I can not load my pictures to my computer. I have some new software and there seems to be something wrong with iphoto. I am anxious to see those magical pictures of my girls on Christmas morning. We have a very eventful tradition of waking up extremely early ( as early as 4:30) and enjoying what Santa has brought to our house.  Then we gather up the girls and bundle them into the car and arrive before sunrise at my father and step-mother's house ( they live one neighborhood over). My sisters moan and groan about how early we come ( they are not married with babies yet), but my dad has been up all night waiting and everyone really is so excited. This is one of Lyra's favorite traditions, going to grandpa's in the dark. We spend all morning there, and then around lunch head to my mother's family Christmas. We spend Christmas Eve evening at my mother and other step-mother's house but Christmas Day we attend the family Christmas I grew up with, every family member in attendance, all but Grandma, who passed away in October of 2008.  Reminds me of the Whoos in Whooville, Christmas comes all the same- with out packaging and bows and even without Grandma.
So yes, it is a busy day full of shifting and some driving. And I know many people complain about this part of the holidays, but to us- it is the tradition. It is the holiday. And in the past, this is what people did on special days, go visiting. My children were obviously covered in packages and treats. And they were so gracious and lovely, I am very proud of them.  Each time they were surprised and enjoyed the generosity of their grandparents and relatives.
Throughout the following week we visited with our Jordan counterparts and stayed in jammies.  I even managed to NOT follow my rhythm while still staying in good spirits. I left the house in its post- holiday state all week long. Then on New Years we went ice skating. AND then I cleaned up, put the decorations away and we started preparing the celebration that looks like everyday life.
For our first day back to school work we did some fable reading, worked on our 4xs tables and started a calendar for the year. We made paper snow flakes to fill the house that looked so bare without its christmas trimmings. Lyra and I started planning our year wheel, and later this week she will do a week wheel.  The youngsters don't seem interested in circle, and I don't have January back from maternity leave till next week, so I think circle can wait until then. Hazel said she wants to learn the song but can I just sing it while she plays blocks. Yes, yes I can.

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