Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Celebrating Our Snow Day

There are very few days that we end up with a spontaneous day off. We got a few in the very big snow season last year. But of all those, our papa was always gone for work. Now that we have our own business  we have been waiting and waiting for a snow where he can be at home. Today, we have no childcare children because of the snow and are now anxiously awaiting David's arrival, hoping it will be before the worst of the storm and before "Mariah's Now Famous Cinnabuns" are ready to eat.

 We are also hoping that we will all be tucked in snug at home tomorrow. We have made the most of our day. Watching Little Women twice.  Sledding and shoveling. And we brought out the sewing machines.  Lyra and I do not have a place to leave up our machines and our fabric  (though I think I may have devised a way in the near future). Getting everything out is a bit of a hassle that requires more bits of time and space. She wanted to make a special bag for a special friends birthday. And I took a minute after we were done to whip up some of those snack bags Heather from Shivaya Naturals made this week. I do not use plastic bags and foil, so yes I often have sandwiches in napkins and pyrex in my purse.  I made mine in a large size, since I  feed a whole handful of children. Plus, they could hold just about anything. So now I am fashionably green. Or, at least my food is.

Below are several photos of the time between Christmas and now when my computer would not let me upload photos.
wax ornaments (lyra)

(Hazel) santa got all the credit


Lyra lovin' Rhys

Hazel and her Reindeer food ( popcorn, cranberries and sanding sugar)

Ice skating for New Years

paper snow flakes to replace our christmas decor

impromptu yoga class lead by Lyra

Mariah and I were invited to join as students, we didn't resist.

becoming a Brownie

math, we love fours.

and turning eight.

ice skating party with friends

making the purse today

in the middle of the night Hazel woke me up " warmers, warmers". I said well you need to keep the covers on. She said "no, you promised to make me warmers, and you haven't". Needless to say- I got right on that!

And, our daddy made it home.

so we went to play in the snow

the girls have never gotten to play with daddy in the snow

the house will be covered by morning!

now its time for some toasty tea

and, Little Women- one more time.

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