YOGA for Motherhood

                                         Cultivating Mindful Parenting Practices
With Sherene Cauley

Saturday, January 31st 1:00-4:00pm
$30 advanced registration, $35 at the door

 Want a lifelong lesson, a perpetual learning experience, an opportunity to practice creativity, compassion and balance every day? 

Ready or not, here it comes!

Crating a peaceful home and compassionate relationships with our children takes thoughtful practice. Meditation and life practices can assist in our ability to handle the pressures of parenting and making decisions we are proud of in the moment. The rigorous training of parenthood can provide opportunity to heighten our awareness and connect with our true self; the one we want to share with our children and the world. This workshop will discuss various stresses in parenting and provide practices to clarify our actions. Often it’s hard to adapt our former practices to a life with children; this workshop is for all parents regardless of previous meditation, asana, mindfulness or parenting experience. 

 Sherene Cauley has over a decade of experience practicing yoga and mindfulness as a parent.  She received her 200hr teaching certificate after the birth of her second child. Mothers, children, home and family have been lifelong passions for Sherene. Both her personal practice and her teaching practice have focused on supporting the parenting experience, building community and supporting children through their adult caregivers 410.312.9922 

I honor the light within you, and in each of your children. The ones who have come but can not be with us today, the ones who have climbed our laps and backs all day, and the ones who are still coming.                        

Blessings to you and your children.