Friday, January 14, 2011

and on several different notes.

First, I would like to offer the link to Heather's beautiful post that has touched me and many others. Often times when you do things in a slower, old-fashioned way, or are just plain happy with what it is you do- you hear comments that can be hurtful. This is an honest offering of the feelings that come up with in us. And the comments after the post offer much support and insight into so many other mama hearts.

Secondly, I need to express how very happy I am to have chosen to homeschool Lyra and to have trusted in myself and the Waldorf inspired method I follow. We have just started our saint legends as Lyra will be turning eight this month. When I finished telling her the story, she handed me her knitting " Can you please fix this, I got so distracted by that story,I don't know where I am any more."
The next day she spent a half an hour drawing the story. We haven't even written out the summery. At first, I started to rush her along (we don't have all day to do her schoolwork!) and then I realized that this is what she is supposed to do. This is why we do this! She will remember this story for a very long time after drawing and thinking about it for so many days.
And math- ahh, I love math now. I love its beautiful patterns and connections. I am almost brought to tears that my children will truly understand the beauty of the world from this perspective. And I can't wait to get started everyday.

Thirdly, I've been asked to share this absolutely wonderful gingerbread recipe. Its just so good. The babies were following me around trying to get the crumbs from the dustpan. We've made it twice this week and only stopped because we are out of molasses.


  1. Thank you so much Sherene. I'm just getting a chance to look. I'm facing some resistance from my other half at the moment. He and I need to sit down and research together so he understands this will not mean 8 hours of school work a day.... though it will take some careful planning and time management. Anyway I am ready for bed and will see you tomorrow!

  2. *** a note about the gingerbread recipe. The recipe says bake a t 350, recently I noticed that I start at that temp and then turn it down to 320 once the outside is done but the middle is still shaky. Then pull it out when the whole thing is firm.