Monday, February 7, 2011

Week of Feb 7, 2011

This week rabbits are our connecting theme. Lyra's fable is How Brer Rabbit Lost His Fine Bushy Tale. We will all be hopping about ( and getting some winter energy out) to songs and games about bunnies at circle time. Lyra has been making pom poms for a valentines garland, but these week they will turn into little bunny rabbits.

The riddle of the week:

What can you hold without ever it touching you hands?


  1. Ideal might be a bit over Lyra's head- but I'll keep it for a few years down the road.

  2. Actually, I posed that riddle to my girls at dinner. Gwen came up with a variation on "breath" that was

    a. Technically correct and would have been awarded the point by the Jeopardy judges.

    b. Not really appropriate for dinner table conversation.

    I'll let you guess.

  3. NEED brer rabbit info from you - my uncle used to tell the stories when i was little, and i've searched for them....

  4. I have an illustrated copy that I like a lot for the younger crowd. The animals are all from our area. We are reading several that have similarities to Native American tales from the fall. I want to do a spring zoo trip and talk about the animals in the Maryland section that we read about.
    They were a favorite of David's and he requested they be added to our library years ago.

  5. Jen: we came up with all sorts of fun answers that worked. January and her husband and Lyra are all very good riddlers. None of them came up with that one.