Monday, August 30, 2010

making main lesson books

Yep, I am aware I could buy beautiful lesson books for the same cost and way less time. But this was a fun warm-up for the school year and gave me a little look into how much I could balance with Hazel running in the background. Lyra helped with the first two, then was off ( with Hazel behind her) to help David wash the cars.  I got the rest of them done in less time then it took to do the first two, all in all, not nearly as hard or time consuming as I expected.

                                                                   Materials Needed:
we chose or favorite drawing paper in 18x24"
large poster board
waxed cotton string (any strong string or yarn will work)
nail and hammer
scrap board (your board will end up with holes in it)- 
making the scrap board extra big means little sibs can "help" near by.
clips or braces
pencil, tape measurer, T-square, a blade or knife (for trimming the poster board)
Needle (we used an upholstery needle) 

We used 12 pieces to make a 24 page book
We aligned them and measured the center. Clamped in place. And marked every 1/2 inch up the center line.

                        Then Lyra hammered the nail through on the dots.

And then we wove the string through the holes. I tied a knot and started from the inside bottom, this way the string ends on the inside at the top. Knot and cut strings. 

* after a year of constant use and toting about with us, these books are still in perfect condition. I was very very happy with the results and the huge workspace they created.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I've been struggling to find and easy way to make these as my 9 year old seems to do his best work outside of the main lesson book and I've had it with cut and paste :) So..i think next year, we will work on loose sheets with a line down the center and bind at the end of the year! No more perfectionistic frustrations for all...