Pregnancy Loss

This page is in memory of my golden one.
Dedicated to dear friends and loving family; thank you for allowing me to come  fully, in authenticity and truth, to this experience.

And for mamas everywhere who must heal the hurt of not holding their babes. Hoping the links below may bring you peace and comfort. Please feel free to email me,, with links to stories or information you want to share.

i don’t fight it, i am not angry. don’t question why you couldn’t stay.
i don’t wonder, don’t worry why it has to be this way.
i have no fears. your bright soul, surely is at peace.
with no regrets.  all this, i would do again. 
the honor of knowing you. holding you. seeing You.
in the little space you left, i have .  .  . faith. i have anguish. i have loneliness and longing. 
i have courage, pain. and emptiness. remembrance for what would have been. 
constant recollection  that you. are. missing. a sweet and secret love. 
i feel divinity, sanctity. i feel powerful, and fragile. Your spirit, coming and going, together within me.
immense force, and strength my body, my soul gave yours. 
none of this, none of this,none of this enough to fill the little space. in Heart. in Body, in Soul.

miscarriage support and information    A wonderful site from New Zealand 

Stories of Loss    These stories are beautiful. Unlike the stories on message boards, these stories have been submitted to the editors of Mothering Magazine. They are well thought out and articulate. I found many quotes here which put words to feelings I was trying hard to distinguish.

A Glow in the Woods

The Official Site of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

Pregnancy after loss support

Rest Gently With Me
Author unknown
Startled and fascinated by the beauty and fragility
of your wings, I watch as you move
so gently
so quietly
almost unexpectedly
through my world
And then I watch as you move on,
fluttering softly into the distance.
Pleading silently, I beg you,
please ... don't go.
I haven't yet had the time
to memorize
to remember
to understand
the uniqueness of the beauty that is yours.
I know I cannot hold you for long,
capturing you for my world.
But, rest gently with me
if only for a moment.
That I may treasure the memory
and the beauty of the
gift that you are.

I honor the light with in you, and the light within each of your children. Those who have come but could not be with us today, those who have climbed our laps and backs all day, and those who are still coming. Blessings on you and your children. Namaste.