Tuesday, November 23, 2010


January has mentioned that she misses my posting the circle time rhythm and songs. I realized that without the weekly rhythm of posting them, I'm not very good at journaling all our fun. So here are some notes from the month of November. And I promise to be a better record keeper, starting right after Thanksgiving.

For the month of November 
Lyra has been learning Native American Fables. She also is reading some animal fables on her own and working on multiplication. We are reading The Diary of Remember Patience Whipple, by Kathryn Laskey, as our bedtime reading. It is a journal of a young girl on her way to America and during the settlement of Plymouth. This historical fiction is providing us with lots of opportunities to understand the sacrifices made by previous generations. We also are learning a lot about the geography and ecology of the eastern shore back then.  This of course ties in with all those beautiful animal fables, and our science and social studies lessons.

Circle has been about teaching the littlests what Thanksgiving is all about.

I cannot find any notes as to where I found these poems, if you know please post for me. 

Little Pilgrim dressed in gray 
on that first Thanksgiving Day, 
Little Indian dressed in brown
came to visit Plymouth town,
They both came to eat and pray 
on that first Thanksgiving day.

Pick the corn and pick the beans, 
Pick the squash and other greens,
It is harvest time you see,
Come and share a feast with me, 
Bring your family out to play,
We'll call this Thanksgiving Day.

We've been working on our Farsi book. I have found that Lyra does very well when I hang our work that we are actually working on, about the house. Not just things we have finished. We do not have a school room, but do different types of work in different parts of the house. So work is on display everywhere.
Our cherished friend, Chiara, brought us thousands of worms from her compost to add to our bin. They are doing a beautiful job, amazing how fast they work!

                                                           Making Martinmas Lanterns.


  1. I love your circle time poems! The childrens martimas lanters look great. Im still only just begining to learn about waldorf and all the celebrations, they look like so much fun. Would your day care children like to be penpals with us? Perhaps we could send some coin rubbings and natural christmas tree decorations? The children could each make one and I can sew a few out of wool felt.

  2. We would LOVE to. please email me and we'll talk.