Thursday, November 25, 2010


This morning as I rolled my pies with the other early risers in my house, I was so filled with gratitude for the spirit of celebration that has become a way of life.  Yes, it did take focus and years of self-work, but now joy is a natural part of life.  This pies are an example of that celebration
for the farmers that produce of food
for the skills I learned from my mother and grandma
for the people I have to feed and love
for the home that lives and breaths around me
for the joy I find in being me
wife, mother, teacher, friend, lover, daughter, my true, true self.
As I rolled these with my grandma's rolling pin, I could feel her hands on mine, hear her words.  I am thankful for all those generations of men and women who worked so hard before me, that I may have a life I love.

 Happy Thanksgiving, 
may your hearts and bellies be full.

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