Monday, November 8, 2010

celebrating baby and mama

This weekend we celebrated one of our favorite mamas and her new baby boy. We are all so excited to meet him, and I have to admit part of the excitement is that he is a BOY.  So many little girls, all the time, but little baby Rhys is going to have lots, and lots of little mamas.
It was so much fun planning and preparing for the celebration, in the truest sense, of love. And honoring a woman for the wonderful gifts she brings not just to her own children, but to all of our children and to us as other mamas and friends.  January has been my friend since before she was a mother, but she is not just my friend, she is my children's friend as well.
open heart, compassionate mind, patient temper- these are all things I love about you January, and you deserve every bit of light and love that reflects from all of us back to you.  But most of all, what I value, is the fact that you understand me and my girls. I can talk about my feelings or thoughts, but I need not explain them.  You give me a place to take off my coat and shoes, outside my own home.

much love always.


  1. aw, i'm teary. i love you too, january! you add so much color and fun to all of our lives. you have shown nothing but endless compassion and love, in a completely non-judgemental way, to me and my children. thank you. enjoy these last weeks with that big beautiful belly!

  2. what a beautiful celebration for your friend and how nice for you all to have a little boy to dote on:)
    For our waldorf dolls I used this pattern-
    It was a great pattern to follow, lots of pictures included to make it easy.
    Im fairly sure each doll was made in an arvo, the trickiest part was figuring out how to sew stretch fabric as id never done it before. The hair was the most time consuming part but could be done in a day. If you need any help while making Hazels doll let me know

  3. beautiful photos....esp the last one! that cake looks AMAZING

  4. January's sister made the cake, it both looked and tasted amazing. The baby's name is Rhys and was choosen after a discussion about his father's favorite candy, reeses pb cups. We are anxiously awaiting his arrival any day now.
    And Karen, thank you so much. I will get started right after christmas and be sure to let you know how its going.