Saturday, October 16, 2010


Big sis is out camping in the woods with girl scouts. Little sis, cries and misses her. Here I thought that I was going to get a little person who would be oh-so-happy to be with just me, and a me that was going to be mad anxious about my bigger one. Nope.  Turns out, I'm not worried about the elated little face I left in the woods. And turns out, also, that I was the one excited to spend time alone with my littlest love.
This morning at 8am, we picked up five beautiful cupcakes from our favorite bakery.  These cupcakes are for my step-daughter's birthday. We go to ballet, we pick up Emilee ( an hour away), we go shopping for hours, we spend quite time lounging in the house. All the time Hazel waiting patiently (she only asked cheerfully every 15minutes, when we would have cupcakes). Finally, we blew out candles so she could have hers. Oh such pure and full enjoyment. I only wish I had a video tape. Hazel has the most expressive expressions and gestures of any human I've ever meet.  I sat and watched her enjoy every single bite, without a word between us.  I never actually tasted the cupcake, but I feel as if I did, just watching her. Apparently, it was quite wonderful.

Now, which one shall I choose? And may I enjoy it as fully as my  three year old.


  1. I see how you are... eating yummy cupcakes without me! -J

  2. aw, what a cutie, looks like shes thoroughly enjoying her cupcake:) Thanks for crossing your fingers for me getting pregnant soon, much appreciated:) You'l probably see the link on my blog anyway but I thought id let you know that ive started a blog all about my day care
    Hope you and your little one manage to have some fun even though shes missing her big sister:)