Monday, October 11, 2010

circle for the week of October 11, 2010

Farm animal yoga with animal sounds will warm us up, then a new scythe game will get us moving and tie our farm animal unit into the harvest.

Scythe the Wheat- Nicola Wicksteed

Scythe the wheat, at its feet;                                     (child jumps while you whisk an imaginary scythe
                                                                                       under her feet)
Bind it, bind it into bundles.                                     (turn child round)

Toss the wheat sheaves in the cart,                          (toss child gently on the pile of pillows)

Rickety rackety off it trundles                                  (clap twice on rick and rack)

And then harvest for us humans, will tie in with the harvest all the little animals are busy with.

Hiding Hazelnuts- Nicola Wicksteed

The squirrels gather hazelnuts
And hide them in the ground.
They hope that when they need a snack,
They'll be easily found.

There are some nuts that they forget.
It's likely some of these
Will turn into seedlings which
grow into hazel trees.


  1. hi, im glad you found my blog,im very excited to meet two others who also have waldorf inspired home day cares! I look forward to checking back here to see what your lot have been doing and get ideas and inspiration. Where abouts are you? Im in Australia

  2. ah, that explains so much about your blog. I didn't realize you were in Australia!
    We are on the east coast of the US. I am super jealous of your spinning wheel. My daughter and I both want one, so I am interested in watching you get to know yours.
    We too were excited to find you too.

  3. to the childcare mommies- the children LOVE the scythe the wheat song. We have added that the children are piled up and tickled as the cart trundles away. If you'd like a laughing work out- try this yourself, they do nothing but laugh, you do all the work.

  4. beautiful verses!!
    and a lovely blog, indeed!
    so nice to "meet" you!

  5. Nice to meet you too!
    Your blog is beautiful, I know me and some other mamas that will really enjoy it. I'm going to check out the needle felting right now, as that is a passion around here lately.