Wednesday, February 2, 2011

riddle of the week

Several weeks ago, I started giving Lyra a riddle at the beginning of every week. It serves many wonderful purposes. First, I read her the riddle instead of writing it on the board. She spends time trying to make sure she has written it correctly and practices her spelling.  Secondly, I do not give her the answer- but she may ask anyone we see all week. Thus, involving all the friends and family in our life into her schooling. I find this nice, honestly, because it shows a bit of what she is learning and how we teach her. And thirdly, she must think from outside the box, inside the box and underneath and above the box.  So much fun, and so much brain and character development.
This week's riddle was found on Our Little Nature Nest

It hasn’t any windows
It hasn’t any doors
Although it has a ceiling
It hasn’t any floors
‘Twas built without a builder
A hammer or a nail
Because you see this funny house
Belongs to ___________.


  1. Thank goodness you answered that. It would have bugged me not to know th answer! What a great way to make your kiddo think!