Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Advent Garland

I had really wanted to get this post up before the 1st. Not only because it is the start of December, but because I wanted a nice foot forward as I hoped to be making some new friends with the winter ROTH edition. But as fate, or family life would have it, that did not happen. I had been planing this garland for some time, many, many others have influenced it.  Much gratitude to all you  talented women and your inspiration.
I took out the felt last weekend and before I could start the project, it disappeared. Really it did. We looked every where and then today at the last moment- it was found! In the puppy's toy bin. So the crafting began.

                     Lyra helped trace the stars and trees in pencil. I used a pen on the darker colors.

And I let her take pictures.

I let the girls cut out some stars to make fingerknit crowns. And they let me do the rest of the cutting. We do so many projects together. I just wanted this one for my own.

After they were asleep I cut out the events of the next month on little postage labels.

Cut little slits and strung them on some twine.

So there will be this surprise in the morning.  I have noticed that my oldest learns best when things are hung around our home. And I wanted them to see and anticipate what was coming in the way of celebration. Now she can read them each morning and we can move the little marker and count the days till Christmas.

Wishing joy to you and your families this season.


  1. hi :)
    just wanted to write in and say how much i enjoyed your contribution to Rhythm of the Home this edition. your words and meaning resonated deeply with me. we too had a very similar experience with our first daughter in the very beginning. as we learned to listen to ourselves, and let go of all that "noise" around us, we grew more still inside, more confident and happier. and healthier. all of us together. i LOVED your "sleep training for adults" section!!! thank you so much for sharing it! we're expecting our 2nd child in the spring, and look forward to finding a little more room in our big bed for him/her.

  2. congratulations! Two I can imagine in the family bed, we want one more and the girls only question is "where exactly would the baby sleep".