Sunday, February 2, 2014


It has been a hard, cold, dark, long winter. It is hard to change in the dark and cold. But, change we have. Today, with nothing but faith in the future, we put winter to our backs and pull forward towards the spring. I put these blessings and hopes and wishes forward for all mothers ( and 6 women in particular). Have faith beautiful mothers, in this, one of the oldest practices: motherhood.

Green: that our departed beloveds have gone ahead, not left us behind.

Teal: that visions become alive with clarity, compassion and community

Yellow: that babies be born brightly shining, from births of peace, passion and sanctity. For a baby born to one women, is born to us all. 

Pink: that new friendships bloom, for the light of understanding smiles and tears from another mother.

Orange: that courage to follow new dreams is met with wisdom and open passage.

May we all be blessed, that we may bless the little ones in our care. Be faithful and at peace, mamas.