Friday, May 27, 2011

In love with . . .

Today was the first CSA pick up of the season. Happily, happily we were greeted by our farmer, this sign and some baby birdies. What is not to love?

Monday, May 23, 2011

sunday in pictures

When you try very hard to make sure your learning, working and living do not occupy separate spaces in your days, that is precisely what happens. So although it is Sunday, David and I both have "work" things to do.  We have designated Sunday as a mostly play day. David had to drop supplies at a job site for tomorrow and I had some organizing for the week to attend to, but we still managed mostly play.
Our sunday started at the Farmers Market as usual, with us getting the first flat of strawberries for the season. Children returned home stained red, and my basket was full of greens. Then we packed up for little adventure.

Lyra found a young snake at the water's edge and another papa along the path caught it for the kids to see.

Everything is SO green with all our weeks of rain. 

No adventure is complete without a picnic, not least in our world.

The constant rain has really pushed the water level, as well. That, is normally a picnic area and woods.

After planting some herbs, I drew out the plans for our yard (over the next 10 years). Our yard has some serious elevation issues that haven't been addressed by any owner in the last 40 years. Which means, I have a pretty blank drawing board. It is also a little overwhelming, as I would like the yard to look lovely- but I also don't want to do anything that will not be a long-term solution.

Diner and dessert provide by our local farms ( I think this is breakfast monday morning as well).

Hazel, throughly enjoyed hers.

And licked the rest of the whipped cream from the bowl.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sheep and Wool, Happy Mother's Day

" Last week we went to the fairy festival, today we are going to sheep and wool- it must be almost summer!"- Hazel
Yes, we do look forward to the sheep and wool festival. And the fact that we go every year in the spring, does make it a cornerstone to our seasonal rhythm.  
We had so much fun! Aside from January and my disappointment in ourselves for eating at the same vendor as last year instead of the yummy fresh grill- everything was perfect.  It was not nearly as hot as last year- and so the crowds were easier to handle. Our children were beautiful and so excited and interested. The girls both got some lovely roving.
Lyra was actually given some roving for free because a  vendor realized she was learning to use the drop spindle.  This was her great find of the day. She cradled it the whole time and never put it down.
  Hazel used her roving to make some felted balls while I put all of our goodies away. She also got a new wooden iron to help with her dishcloth washing business. She often washes and hangs them out to dry while Lyra does school work.  She washes the windows and has her own dust wand. I asked David to make her a mop and laughed I am teaching her to do ALL the housework.

I of course also purchased a drop spindle, because I will have to teach her how to use hers. After a few videos on youtube .   .   .
Now I have about fifty new questions, but at least its a start. 

I have been looking forward to this festival for a long time. I was planning to buy yarn for the baby's things. After the loss, I was very fearful that this day would be too much for me. I decided that I would buy wool for a new baby. I did notice every skein of yellow and orange, the colors I had planned on using. But I distracted myself looking for midnight blue. The color I feel for a new baby that will hopefully come one winter night next year. It does make me feel much better.
On this mother's day, I will be surrounded by my mother, and step mothers. I will have my aunts and friends nearby. And all the men that support us. We will celebrate all that we cherish- in that celebration I will miss so much my grandma and my little one. But I will know they are together, celebrating everyday. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mealtime Blessing

For the last year or so we have been looking for a meal time blessing for our troop. January and I wanted something that would help to calm the girls and bring them to center, while also highlighting the blessing it is for all of us to be together. Daytime meals are often shared among both our troops and also with additional friends and family throughout the week. There really is an attitude of celebration when there is not an attitude of whining.  I have many poem and song books on blessings and mealtime rhythms but none of the songs seemed to ring true enough for us to use them regularly or with enough authenticity.  Today as I bounced Rhys for January and she feed the girls, this one came to me. It feels perfect.

From the earth, water, and sky,
  we are nurtured day and night.

Food is grown with love and care,
  so each of us my have our share.

Blessed are we to sit in peace,
   and enjoy this daily feast.

Enjoying the Spring!