Friday, September 7, 2012

Children's yoga practice

This week we started our autumn rhythm which includes a yoga practice on thursday morning after morning lessons. We incorporate yoga into everyday, asana most days. But on thursday mornings it is more formal. We bring out mats and I have a story and related asana practice. This week as we set down I felt I needed to center the children in a special way. It was our first class of the season and they had been looking forward to coming together that way. I wanted to tie us all together and set the right tone. Originally, I had decided to start with the sound of Om three times. All the children love this. But for some reason as we gathered, I decided we would "Om" the name of each child three times. With the very first breath, it was obvious from the energy within my own body and the looks in their eyes we had hit on something. Each sound was so rich and each special. Even the same sounds within different names had unique qualities. This is now our new favorite way to start the whole day- not just asana practice. So I just had to share. Aside from the special sound each child's name pronounces, by doing several names you can hit all the various chakra sounds. Obvious energy was moving within my body after how many names the children requested. Beautiful to see the natural understanding within them to the universal sound.

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  1. I love this! Thanks for sharing. I'm inspired to try this with my daughter.