Sunday, August 26, 2012

Connections and Patterns

We experienced a heartbreaking tragedy in my region last week. A train carrying coal through a historic town, tumbled from its tracks. If only it had tumbled somewhere else along the route it would not have caught two young women out sitting by the river that night. This town and spot is a place so many young people from my county have hung out over the generations. So many of us have been touched by this tragedy. And the shops along main street effected as well. They did not want to hamper the investigation. Or profit from the tragedy. And the clean up and road closures kept business away any how. So this weekend many of us locals hit the shops and restaurants to show the merchants some love. I relished a dinner out with just my husband and baby boy, some antique shopping and fabulous ice cream. While poking in the shops I landed this great find. Some terrific old children's books- brand new. They are hard to find copies of real treasures. This morning I poured over these and our some twenty library books for our first lessons of the autumn season. Hazel starts her kindergarten year and Lyra is starting on 4th grade. Somehow I have managed to tie lessons together through butterflies and nature and pattern, science, and math. It's amazing how one thing can always lead to another in this world- and how there is always rhyme and reason, pattern and magic hiding in every corner.

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