Sunday, April 8, 2012

Home: through my eyes

I have waited with great urgency to be grown up, have a family and a home. I actually had a hope chest filled with household goods I saved as a girl. Magazines, cookbooks, bedding, little candles, small lamps and furnishings. I rushed and hurried to get here, assuring David that when we owned a home I would calm down. And I did. I never intend to leave this home, to move anywhere else or need anything more. I love it, no I really love it, in my heart and bones. When I first saw it for sale, I didn't even look at the listing- for a whole year. I cried when I found it was the only house in the zip code in our price range- I knew that more than anything I wanted my children to have one place to call home, forever. But not that house. Then I walked in with our realtor and caught my breath. From the inside looking out, from the heart of our home, it was exactly what I needed and wanted. Not too large, not too small. A cheerful place that needed our care, and spirit, and that had been waiting for me as long as I had been waiting- longer actually. On top of all that, our home is in my hometown.  A planned community with pathways and parks and lakes and values I embrace. Along with all my family, who all live in town.

One day last month my husband mentioned how every time he comes home from work, he sees all that needs to be done to our home. We have a list, a long list. Trees to be cut down, a fence to be built, the whole yard should be re-graded, windows need replacing, and doors, and garage doors. Thats just the long term projects. There is also indoor projects we want to do, to the kitchen, and closets and bedrooms. My husband is a carpenter and spends his days in very expensive homes, finishing and replacing the tiniest of details. He sees these finished homes, that he's just finished finishing, and then comes home to ours. He was seeing a home that needed work, mostly because he wants me to have finished home. I was seeing a home that will provide years of planning, excitement and family projects. I was not seeing a house that needs work, but a home that will mature and grow as we care for it. I've waited all these years for these projects, what would I do with myself if they were all done!

My girls have been thinking much about the homes they will live in in the future. They were feeling much the same as Heather was feeling in this post .  I walked them through the dreams I have for this little 1/4 acre. No, we will never be able to have farm animals within the limits of our town. We will be able to grow enough to feed ourselves as years go by. The county has just knocked out a ban on bee keeping, so that dream seems within reach. This will be our home, and as years go by, it will come to be everything we dream it can be. Until then, these are some of the little corners of my home that take my breath away and remind me that this little three bedroom suburban house is MY home. And where I am meant to be.
The sunshine I drink in with my coffee in the morning

Sunshine on honey floors

Our bedroom in the trees, the only room I've purchased drapes and bedding for- one room, almost done.

I do not know why but I just love these two doors side by side

The dresser my grandmother bought when her mother died, and my fertility art work from college. Grandma's books too. 

I light the incense here every morning after straightening the bathroom for the day.

This doorway to the master bathroom. Pretty sure this is why the house was on the market for a year. And why we got such a good price. The hall bath leads to the master bath, or um, potty. Actually very practical for a young family. 

My new sewing room, fashioned to make room for baby- and our musical sleeping games. 

Washer and dryer I found on Craigslist for $100. And David went, picked up, set up, and tuned up. Works perfectly and reminds me of the ways we work together to keep this home running smoothly. Plus, they are stackable!

The Andrew Wyeth that hung in my childhood home, now hangs in mine. 

Along with my own art work, and my grandparents hutch, the knitting basket the girls and I use, the globe- all little details of us. 

My own kitchen, where I place things I use and need and nurture the people I love. 

A small patch of outdoor sun that we have found grows things!

Transplants from the woods taking root all over the yard.

The color our home will one day be

More sunlight.

I just love the angles of our home, and those are not changeable, or fixable. 

Pathways that take us to parks and pools and lakes and friends.

Another little alter of sorts, pictures of my grandmother, little snip-its the girls have brought me, poems and quotes. Above my cutting board, reminding me as I move through the day of who I am, what I am, and why. 

 Another angle I love: the slope of the hill with the roof lines. 

 More sunshine. 


  1. Sharon in ColumbiaApril 9, 2012 at 7:13 PM

    Wow, so clean... I don't think I can let you come to my house yet! :)

  2. ha! Well, I have a lot of helpers. It doesn't look that way when they do not help. I actually had a picture of Hazels room to throw in- she is my mess maker. She empties boxes and baskets, moves things about, sets them down, forgets where they are and starts something new. And then I am supposed to find the item missing in the mess- great game.

  3. You have such a peaceful home. So many little corners of simple beauty.
    Thank you for sharing :)

  4. I have meant to comment on this before. I so enjoy the love and warmth with which you write about your home. I feel the exact same way about the home we found and moved into last it was just waiting for us. It had also been on the market for a couple of years and needs a good deal of work, but I have never lived anywhere that I felt so connected to. Thanks for your lovely writing.