Sunday, March 18, 2012

a simple trip to Africa

Hazel wants to go to Africa. For her 5th birthday. Well, I couldn't quite pull that off. I like simple celebrations for children's parties because, when you have 2.5 children someones birthday is always around the corner. Not only do I not want a big expense, but if I spend a lot of time preparing for the parties I find myself telling the girls to wait for me while I work. I figure, they would rather help a happy mama bake cupcakes and contribute to the decorations. Our library has a wonderful service where you can pick out what you want on line and reserve it to be ready for you when you come. I choose a handful of African children's CDs and books and had them ready for us. We made cake and the girls set up the outdoors while we waited for our dear friends. Hazel refused to believe she was actually 5 until after the party, despite turning 5 last saturday and having already had several family celebrations. Now, we are officially a big girl. 
                                                                                        some beautiful handmade gifts from our friends

                                                                                               a little bit of the baby bump
                                                                  Lyra likes to go in for the squeeze, which is why I have
                                                                                               that look on my face

                                                                                                      our favorite boys

                                                                                              tent created by the big girls

                                                         The children had a scavenger hunt where they used the books to      find the habitat of safari animals I had hidden in the yard. Then they tried wrapping their babies African style  and carrying them round the house.

                                                                                         the troop

                                                                                 my beautiful, magical, wise little big girl


  1. happy birthday to hazel!! ~ i love that she wanted to go to africa. :) what a wonderful party ~ looks so fun, and like such a great group of kids.

  2. Thanks Ladies, By the way Leanne- ten minutes before the party started Hazel asked if you and Maura were coming. She ( and the rest of us) hope to see you this week. xxoo

  3. What a lovely party. And the Anansi stories are some of my favorite African folk tales. I hope they enjoyed them.