Friday, February 3, 2012

This morning . . .

This morning as I pulled two small fresh loafs of bread from a hot hot oven at 6am- I realized I must finally be back within myself. Back to myself. This little boy I am carrying took up a lot of etheric space for the first half of this pregnancy. Now that he is growing big and strong and needs more physical space, he is giving the rest of me back to myself ( as I type this he is pounding his fits on my insides to prove the point).
This morning David has left for work even earlier then usual, the fire roars, the world is still dark. There are two girls (9 and almost 5) asleep together in my bed. My home is clean, and safe and changing to accommodate this this fellow's coming.  There are all sorts of troubles in the world, around the corner, and in my budget.  Yet, none of them are capable of shattering the sense of peace. The peace comes from knowing that nothing that happens effect this awesome love. Even horrible, terrible events that we all try to avoid, that scare us as parents and challenge our strength- they cannot change that entity which is my families soul.


  1. congratulations on your little boy! (Yes its really taken me this long to reply from your comment a week or two back, my computer has been having some painfully slow and less than cooperative moments) How exciting. Im glad to hear your feeling ok. Warm wishes:)