Monday, February 13, 2012

Accepting Joy

Joy is not available only when the world is in perfect balance- we need not wait for it to arrive. We need only to accept its availability.
Celebration has being a theme in my life for the last several years. We need not wait for joy to celebrate- we can celebrate sorrow, anger, even envy.
Joy and celebration bring meaning and connection to my life. They connect me to the divine, to humanity, to my family, through the generations past and the generations to come.
I may celebrate and be joyful today despite not knowing what tomorrow holds. I may celebrate and be joyful today no matter what has come from the past. There is indeed pain, sorrow, conflict and aggression surrounding me today- and I may still celebrate and be joyful.
It is not the lack of concern for the unpleasantries in life that allows my joy and celebration- it is the acceptance that they exist along with all else.
I may stomp my feet, raise my voice and clench my fists at the frustrations- and then I am allowed to throw back my head, open my heart, open my throat .  .   . and laugh. I am allowed to beam with pride towards my children, my husband and my home- while still moulding and guiding these entities towards their destiny. I need not wait until life is over to revel in it beauty, to realize my gains and shortcomings. Its not that I am not concerned with the future, or the past. It is that by being here today- living each moment of today- I am free. I am free to be whatever I need to be today. I am free to love what needs loving today. I am free to change what needs changing today. I am free to listen to my intuition and let it guide me today. I am free to be angry when it is time to be angry, and patient when it is time to be patient today. I am free to change my mind without attachment today. I am free to recognize the joy that exists in every moment, no matter how easy or difficult it appears, today. I am free, to be myself. I am free to be joyful.  Because even if tomorrow is full of sadness, it is not because of my joy today. If tomorrow is full of sadness- I will need to be even more accepting of joy. I need not be afraid of tomorrow, today. Today I need only accept today, and the blessing of joy that exists within every moment.

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  1. beautiful. i am grateful that you were provided the opportunity and need to articulate this. thanks for sharing.