Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Best Summer Sandwich

So plans for rolling out pizza and putting it in a 500degree oven were halted by late swim practice and record heat rolling in.
Instead I threw together this beauty of a sandwich- I do love when something simple and easy turns amazing. There is no picture because the above scenario also produced very hungry girls.  It was a long day, where things didn't go well and in the end it was obvious everyone needed to get exactly what they needed to get. Hazel went with grandma to the library ( I thought this might help her feel big and grown up), came home wailing that she can't yet read.  She required a very hardline for the tantrum and a very big snuggle for the tears.  Lyra has been in need of some undivided mama attention. After swim and before getting Hazel, we whipped up a new drawstring backpack with fabric she has been saving from my step-mothers trip to Iran. Then a bed full of new books and an hour to read. We were all balanced and secure again.  I did throw an iced cold beer into the dinner prep routine, because, well, it makes me feel celebratory. And what is not to celebrate about making it through a hard day, with only a few tears, and flipping bacon while consoling a distraught four year old!

Sandwich- layer by layer
One piece of sourdough bread toasted
thin piece of swiss cheese
layer of thinly sliced tomatoes
chopped swiss chard and basil
thinly sliced peaches
double layer of bacon ( shiitake mushrooms browned in butter with salt and thyme would sub nicely)
sourdough bread toasted

Lyra was a little skeptical- but declared the sandwich perfect in the end (although she says my basil was a little spicy, whew!)


  1. peaches and bacon... i will have to be convinced!