Sunday, June 5, 2011

In the summer . . .

.   .   . dinner is always quick and easy. Beef sausage from Farmers Market, and purple onions. Greens from the  CSA + tomatoes from our own plants = time after dinner to hang and play with my babies ( and only my babies) for the first time this week.
And by hang out and play- I mean make strawberry popsicles. Because I have been meaning to use them as a way to sneak some yogurt in my girls and then ROTH did that beautiful article on them. Plus, when I went to our local natural market, they had some BPA free molds.
This is the busy busy week we had, in photographs, because it is just too too much to put words to.

Missing are pictures of the start of swim team, the end of the year dance rehearsals, a day long ER preparedness class January and I had to take Saturday for our childcare license, or the extra big project David has been working on. So unseen is the extra mama head work that has gone into keeping the rhythm as regular as possible, as well as the extra help I've enlisted to get the children to the events I cannot attend ( thank you mama and dad). Whew, June is always hard with the endings and beginnings.
P.S. those are Mariah's lovely new chicks, but we are sponsoring one or two, and getting some eggs when they are available. Yay, community supported homemaking!

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  1. A weekend filled with joy.