Tuesday, June 21, 2011

busy busy spring bees

Enjoying the first of the homemade popsicles.

Ingredients for picnics and summer dinners.

First swim meet.

Followed by lyrical dance recital. Yes, on the same day.

Lyra planned, shopped the farmer's market (with her own money) and prepared father's day brunch for David.

 Hazel on her new big girl bike ( and now maybe we will stop complaining about our little girl carseat).

Ahhh, this weekend marked the end of all things spring for us. We officially threw ourselves into summer. Now to focus on swim team, picnics, preserving, fire-flies, camp fires, and pie baking. Long slow mornings and evenings sandwiching long furiously fast days of sun, warmth and laughter. Welcome summer, welcome, welcome.


  1. these are amazing photos. i miss you!

  2. the weather looks so perfect whare you are! I love your 'todays harvest' board:)