Monday, May 23, 2011

sunday in pictures

When you try very hard to make sure your learning, working and living do not occupy separate spaces in your days, that is precisely what happens. So although it is Sunday, David and I both have "work" things to do.  We have designated Sunday as a mostly play day. David had to drop supplies at a job site for tomorrow and I had some organizing for the week to attend to, but we still managed mostly play.
Our sunday started at the Farmers Market as usual, with us getting the first flat of strawberries for the season. Children returned home stained red, and my basket was full of greens. Then we packed up for little adventure.

Lyra found a young snake at the water's edge and another papa along the path caught it for the kids to see.

Everything is SO green with all our weeks of rain. 

No adventure is complete without a picnic, not least in our world.

The constant rain has really pushed the water level, as well. That, is normally a picnic area and woods.

After planting some herbs, I drew out the plans for our yard (over the next 10 years). Our yard has some serious elevation issues that haven't been addressed by any owner in the last 40 years. Which means, I have a pretty blank drawing board. It is also a little overwhelming, as I would like the yard to look lovely- but I also don't want to do anything that will not be a long-term solution.

Diner and dessert provide by our local farms ( I think this is breakfast monday morning as well).

Hazel, throughly enjoyed hers.

And licked the rest of the whipped cream from the bowl.


  1. beautiful! the top photo it my favorite - amazing shot.

  2. What a gorgeous set of photos! I am with Mariah, that top one is so wonderful.