Thursday, April 21, 2011

Irritated. That is how I feel.

So in browsing my blog stats I came across this link . It is to a site that gathers information from blogs when people say "I feel". And copies it to the end of the sentence. Identifies the feeling and gives it the bloggers demographics and location. Then it compounds everyone's feelings into on big pot so they can be analyzed and we can learn where/when people are happy, or sad, or the angriest. Well, I feel. like I'm gonna put a period after the word feel. all the time now. To think that a computer can categorize the my emotions and then organize them according to weather and location is insulting. I guess on days I feel. joyful it is not related to me specifically. Or all the sadness about the baby, that must have been all the rain we are having. And I recognize that these things effect us, and also that they are looking for larger similarities over a larger number of people. But still, that my emotions be mis-interpreted is not okay with me. It is a lot of work to understand how you are feeling, and take into account everything from outside and within. It takes strength and courage and patience. And I do not like this one little bit. So that is how I FEEL about that!!

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