Sunday, April 24, 2011


I must admit to a bit of teariness as we celebrate this morning. It's hard not to feel a little emptiness in the place I should soon have been feeling movement. I had expected our Easter pictures to feature an extra someone yet to come. As I watch this two littles explore their baskets and treasures, I'm filled with the joy of the blessings they bring to our home. I couldn't wait to load up the photographs and see what treasures I had captured. I realize that since Hazel's forth birthday last month I have caught many images that express her spirit perfectly.  It is such a gift to have these photographs where her vivid energy is so lifelike, even a century from now, it will still be felt.


  1. im so sorry to hear you lost your beautiful baby, I just read back on your posts:( Wishing you love and healing. These are gorgeous photos of Hazel

  2. Thank you Karen. I've been meaning to tell you- Hazel's birthday doll turned out beautiful!